Lovejay Beauty is Austin’s first retailer dedicated solely to natural beauty.  We aim to inspire beauty from the inside out.  We offer a thoughtfully curated selection of the most effective, safe, and eco-friendly natural products and services.  We believe that nature holds the keys to beauty and healing thus we take a purist approach to ingredients.  Each product on our shelves has been hand-selected to highlight nature's most luxurious and effective ingredients in their pure form while minimizing synthetic ingredients - even synthetic ingredients deemed "safe".


There are many benefits that come with using personal care products that have natural, organic, non-toxic ingredients. The first visible benefit is healthier, more vibrant skin!  Additionally, synthetic personal care products have been linked to various health risks – from mild skin irritation, to endocrine disruptions, to cancer. Even though many people have heard of these risks, it can be difficult to understand which beauty products will nourish your skin and body and which ones to avoid. Ingredient lists can be tricky and time-consuming to decipher, and the cosmetics sections at many retailers are overwhelming. That’s where we come in: Lovejay’s team has done all the hard work for you. When you walk through our doors or shop on our website, you can rest assured that any item you choose will provide nature’s best and most luxurious ingredients - without toxins. Read more about our excluded ingredients here.  


Please stop by and say hello! We will be delighted to help you find the perfect products and services for your most beautiful self – inside and out!



I have loved cosmetics my whole life! As a teenager, I spent countless hours (and paychecks!) at makeup counters, experimenting with different colors and looks. I have also always been interested in health and nutrition which led me to earn a Master’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Georgia.  With everything I learned during my Master’s program, I created a very long list of ingredients that I would avoid in my diet altogether.   One of the biggest “no-no’s” was artificial colors. One day, a light bulb went off – I was being incredibly conscientious about what I was putting into my body, but I wasn’t paying any attention to what I was putting onto my body – especially the artificial colors I was inadvertently ingesting from lipstick. Around this time, the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep site (which ranks cosmetic safety) came out. I entered every single one of my makeup and skincare products into the site.  Not surprisingly, they were all ranked extremely hazardous.  I tend to do things in extremes so I decided to get rid of all of my beauty products and start from scratch.


Unfortunately, this was easier said than done. I struggled to find brick-and-mortar shops that stocked the low-hazard, high quality products I hoped to buy, so I started ordering cosmetics online. Often, the products that arrived didn’t complement my skin tone or didn’t match the shade that was pictured online. Needless to say, I wasted a lot of time and money searching for the perfect natural beauty products. After more than a decade of this trial-and-error, I discovered several brands that performed even better than the synthetic products I’d used in my younger years.  My skin looked much healthier and brighter! As happy as I was to discover amazing products, I wanted a place where I could try them on first and see them in person. I had a hunch that I wasn’t the only one who wished for a brick and mortar natural beauty store.


In 2014, I opened Fig & Flower Natural Beauty in Atlanta.  After getting Fig & Flower off the ground, I sold my share of the business and moved to California where I earned my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher certification and became a Reiki Practitioner. In 2017, I moved to Austin and immediately felt a sense of belonging. I’ve spent the past couple years putting down roots, including meeting my husband, Chase, and growing our family with two dogs. I’m so proud to call Austin my home and be a part of this community. After searching for a store like Fig & Flower in Austin and seeing that none existed, I decided it was time to rekindle my passion for natural beauty. By opening Lovejay Beauty, I hope to give Austin a friendly, fun, and welcoming destination for holistic beauty products and services.