clean beauty consultation (virtual)
Looking to make the switch to clean, non-toxic products but want to try before you buy?  We are here to help!  Bring your beauty bag (or an idea of the products you want to try!) and we will help you find the perfect replacement for traditional skincare and makeup.  The Beauty Bag Cleanout begins with a short consultation followed by color matching and product testing.  

gemstone rolling or gua sha

$55/30 min 
Gemstone facial rolling and gua sha are techniques that flush toxins from the face promoting proper lymphatic drainage and decreased inflammation.  Potential benefits of gemstone facial rolling include tightening, firming, and toning of facial muscles, collagen stimulation, improved elasticity, jaw clenching relief, headache relief, improved blood circulation and qi balancing.  The experience starts with a mini consultation to determine modality (gemstone rolling or gua sha).  Next, you will receive a light facial massage followed by gemstone rolling or gua sha while lying comfortably on a massage table.  

Please note Gemstone Facial Rolling is not a traditional facial.  It is performed by a professional trained in facial rolling but not a licensed esthetician.  

Steam + Mask bar (Currently closed)
$20/30 min 

Gemstone Steam + Mask is a  relaxing experience that cleans & unclogs pores with a healing gemstone infused herbal steam followed by a skin renewing mask. Steam clears and preps skin for maximum absorption of masks and other skin treatments, leaving skin fresh, hydrated, and bright. Other benefits of Steam + Mask include toxin and bacteria elimination, exfoliation, increased circulation, decreased sinus congestion, and relaxation.

Gemstone Steam + Mask is not a traditional facial.  The Steam + Mask bar is an open concept and there may be other treatments occurring simultaneously.  This is a great group activity!

reiki (in person or distance)

$55/30 min
Reiki is a Japanese energetic healing technique that promotes relaxation and stress reduction.  By lightly placing hands on the client's body, or hovering hands a few inches above the body, the reiki practitioner flows and transfers life force energy (qi) through the hands to the client.  Reiki is safe for everyone and can help with physical and emotional imbalances.  

If you are interested in practicing Reiki on yourself or others, please contact us for information on Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki Master Attunements.  

Tarot Reading (virtual)
$55/30 min



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