GingerChi’s Rose Quartz GuaSha Treatment acts as a natural face lift! A modern anti-aging treatment based on the ancient healing art of GuaSha. GuaSha, meaning to “scrape away illness”, involves using stone tools, such as Rose Quartz, and a lubricant, as a healing technique used in traditional Chinese medicine. The tool is used to apply pressure while gliding over the skin repeatedly in one direction, thus stimulating meridians, activating blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis to heal pain and inflammation in the body to revitalize Chi.


We've adapted the GuaSha concept and modified the tool design to create a treatment that naturally restores firmness to sagging skin and provides radiance for dull skin.


Like Jade, Rose Quartz is a wonderful healing stone, known to be the crystal of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. The Rose Quartz GuaSha is the perfect tool to incorporate unconditional self-love energy into your self-care and beauty regime. Rose Quartz is known to help balance and strengthen the heart and circulatory system.

GINGER CHI - Rose Quartz Gua Sha




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