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Lovejay Holistic Beauty Services

Lovejay offers a variety of holistic services including an organic steam + mask skincare bar, organic makeup application, clean beauty consultations, and energetic healings.  Our services are designed to  support self care and promote beauty inside and out. Each service is customized to address your interests and needs.  Our hope is that you feel pampered, comfortable, and relaxed - and hopefully have a little fun.  We hope to see you soon!  
holistic beauty services
Gemstone steam + Mask Bar
$35/35 min - Ultimate Experience - A Lovejay Consultant will apply and remove your mask.  Extended facial massage follows.  
$20/30 min - Self Guided Experience - You will be given all the tools to apply and remove your own mask.  Light facial massage follows. 

Gemstone Steam + Mask is a  relaxing experience that cleans & unclogs pores with a healing gemstone infused herbal steam followed by a skin renewing mask. Steam clears and preps skin for maximum absorption of masks and other skin treatments, leaving skin fresh, hydrated, and bright. Other benefits of Steam + Mask include toxin and bacteria elimination, exfoliation, increased circulation, decreased sinus congestion, and relaxation.

Please note Gemstone Steam + Mask is not a traditional facial.  Treatments are in a semi-private space​ that holds up to 4 people and  treatments may be in progress simulataneoulsy.

gemstone rolling or gua sha
$15/15 min 

Gemstone facial rolling is a relaxing experience that flushes toxins promoting proper lymphatic drainage and decreased inflammation.  Potential benefits of gemstone facial rolling include tightening, firming, and toning of facial muscles, collagen stimulation, improved elasticity, jaw clenching relief, headache relief, improved blood circulation and qi balancing.

Choose from 5 gemstones for specific energetic and skin benefits*:

  • Jade - Qi booster, inflammation reducer

  • Amethyst - Collagen builder + acne expert, Far Infared Ray amplifier

  • Rose Quartz - Sensitive skin support, self love

  • Yellow Aventurine - lymph energizing, EMF cleanser

  • Tiger's Eye - Grounding, hormonal acne balancer

Please note Gemstone Facial Rolling is not a traditional facial.  It is performed by a professional trained in facial rolling but not a licensed esthetician.  Treatments are in a semi-private space​ and other treatments may be in progress simultaneously.

lighten up! Beauty bag clean out
$20/30 min - $20 is fully redeemable in product
Whether you are new to clean beauty or an organic beauty junkie wanting to try new products, we help find products you will love.  We can work with your existing beauty bag to find natural skincare and makeup products that are similar in color, texture, application and performance.  Or, we can start with a completely clean slate! Either way, we help create a custom skincare and makeup routine just for you.
organic makeup application
$45/30 min - $45 is fully redeemable in product
Lovejay's Organic Makeup Application is perfect for any occasion - date night, girls' night, wedding, party, or just because!  We will chat about your desired look, prep your skin with organic skincare products, then create your unique and custom look.    
energetic healings
chakra cleansing
$45/30 min 
$85/60 min
During a Chakra Cleansing Session, you can expect a calm and serene space. Healing on all 7 chakras will be performed to clear out foreign energy and make sure that each chakra is spinning in the right direction. 
cord cutting
$65/45 min
Are you looking to release ties with somebody in your life? Are you looking to rewrite or eliminate some old agreements with a family member, ex lover or an old job? Cord cutting is an incredible way to create space between ourselves & those we have exchanged a great deal of energy with in the past. We create spiritual agreements with people in our lives and sometimes those agreements no longer serve us. It’s important to check back and make sure that these agreements are put into present time.
intuitive psychic healing
$125/90 min 
Intuitive psychic healing combines reiki, psychic readings and energetic deprogramming to release blockages that may be holding you back from feeling your fullest self. As a client, you can expect a safe & soothing space while lying comfortably on a massage table. Each healing is different from the next. Bailey will tap into your energetic field to find any pain, fear, limiting beliefs or habitual actions surrounding a topic of your choice.
$50/30 min

Reiki is a Japanese energetic healing technique that promotes relaxation and stress reduction.  By lightly placing hands on the client's body, or hovering hands a few inches above the body, the reiki practitioner flows and transfers life force energy (qi) through the hands to the client.  Reiki is safe for everyone and can help with physical and emotional imbalances.

If you are interested in practicing Reiki on yourself or others, please contact us for information on Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki Master Attunements.  

GROUP INQUIRIES:  Many of our services are great  for groups!  We can create a customized event for your group. Please fill out a Contact Us form or email info@lovejaybeauty.com with your desired date and number of people in your party.